How can I get a pair FITS?

Did you know that, 60% of your time, you will find yourself in circumstances that require different footwear than your regular shoes? Think of situations like walking barefoot at home, your summer vacation or religious circumstances. In situations like these, you can definitely use a comfortable pair of slippers or house shoes, especially if the footbed is based on your own therapy.

If you recognize yourself in the above, FITS Footwear can offer a solution. FITS can processing your arch support one-to-one in your custom made slippers, sandals or house shoes.

To qualify for this you need to make an appointment with a foot specialist. This can tell you everything about the possibilities, options, collection, prices and possible fees.

To get a custom made slipper you have to make an appointment with a foot specialist that is affiliated with FITS. FITS foot specialists are in possession of the correct measuring equipment to scan your foot digitally, are informed of the latest developments and perfectly know how to measure a slipper.
After consultation with your foot specialist your foot will be scanned, different shoe sizes will be measured and you are ready to choose your own model with your foot specialist. Did you know that you can further customize all models by adjusting the uppers, interlinings, footbed or the undersole of the shoe?).

When all data has been collected, it will be sent to FITS where they are collected, assessed and manufactured into your unique FITS!

Delivery time. Regular deliveries will take three weeks. We need some time to manufacture because the high-tech CAD-CAM?systems need to be milled and manufactured by hand at our production site in Portugal.

Price. The price of one pair depends on the therapy and treatment your foot specialist offers. The best guide price would be an amount between €240,- en €270,-.
Your foot specialist can fully inform you about possible reimbursements as well.

When your are ready, a pickup appointment will be scheduled to fit the slippers. He will then help you fit the FITS and adjust them. You will also receive various tips for wearing and get tips on maintenance. Share your FITS experience with us by Facebook or Instagram!

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