House shoes; complaint-free and hip!

Because of upper foot problems and pain in the lower back, I made an appointment with my foot specialist on the advice of a friend. The insoles are a great solution for me, but I can not always wear them. This is because I work a lot at home and wear comfortable footwear which does not fit my insoles. Because of this, my problems were never really solved.
My podotherapist told me about the new home shoes for which the sole could be adjusted in a way that it would actually fit. I bought these on the advice of the podotherapist.
Now, 4 months later, the house shoes are a great addition to me. I can move without experiencing any pain. An additional nice advantage; they look quite trendy. I am totally happy!


  • Want to order an extra pair of FITS remotely? Read here how!

    With your first pair of FITS, your foot specialist has made a 3D scan of your feet. Your foot specialist will then ensure that your 3D fitted footbed is processed one-on-one in the slipper, sandal or house shoe. If you don’t have a change of therapy in between, you can now remotely order a second…

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  • The new FITS collection!

    The past few months have been all about searching for the best materials, looking at the latest trends, developing and collaborating with foot specialists to look for the best possible new collection for 2020. We are happy that we will be creating a strong and diverse collection for the coming season! On the picture below…

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  • How can I get a pair FITS?

    Did you know that, 60% of your time, you will find yourself in circumstances that require different footwear than your regular shoes?
    Think of situations like walking barefoot at home, your summer vacation or religious circumstances. In situations like these, you can definitely use a comfortable pair of slippers or house shoes, especially if the footbed is based on your own therapy.

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