Maintenance tips slippers & sandals

Because of our active lifestyle and the intensive use of our slippers or sandals, it is important to maintain them regularly. It takes some time, but this ensures that you will enjoy them as much as possible!

You will find some general tips for maintenance below:

  • Moist FITS love to dry at room temperature. They hate to dry up in the sun or near the heater.
  • Washing machines will badly damage them, so make sure not to put them in there.

The following tips are specifically meant for maintaining the leather and suede:

  • Never clean the using abrasives or other chemical cleaning agents.
  • Only use a moist towel.
  • The nubuck and suede leathers love to be cleaned using a special suede brush.
  • The siblings of the above leathers (read: smooth leathers) love to be cleaned (weekly) and brushed using a neutral wax.

If you have a specific question, please fill in the contact form. We will come back to you with an appropriate answer to your question as quickly as possible!

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