Foot problems? FITS Footwear may have the solution!

There are many different forms of foot problems. For example, you may suffer from complaints due to deformities. You can think of hallux valgus (fusion of the big toe). A second complaint might be caused by a tailors bunion (fusion of the metatarsal bone in the small toe). Do you suffer from lower back pain, for example? This might be caused by a difference in leg length. FITS can add the desired amount of heel increasement to compensate for the leg length difference. This ensures that you will receive a personalized, specially based on your foot problems.


Besides, foot specialists see it as a welcome addition to treatment therapy. Certified foot specialist Michiel Flipse explains why:

‘FITS are a perfect addition to sole therapy for our clients. There are always moments during the day or season during which the sole therapy can not be used. Apart from the fact that the customer can not walk on slippers during the summer because of the complaints. Unfortunately, in practice, there is a decline in recovery or complaints arise (again) during this period?

With FITS we can offer our customers a solution for these situations and we can therefore experience a more satisfied customer with a quicker recovery of his or her complaints. Who does not want that?’

Michiel Flipse
Podiatrist and Orthopedic Technologist
Owner Foot Center Flipse

As you can see, the foot specialist and us are very enthusiastic. Do you want more information? Click here to find the nearest measurement location in your area. The foot specialist can tell and show you everything in the field of FITS! Interested in the collection? Click here to view the current collection or to put together your own model.

Get the FITS experience!

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