The new FITS collection!

The past few months have been all about searching for the best materials, looking at the latest trends, developing and collaborating with foot specialists to look for the best possible new collection for 2020. We are happy that we will be creating a strong and diverse collection for the coming season!

On the picture below you can already see a few new colours from our uppers for the coming season.

Below you see in a video a short impression of our preparations for the new season. Here can you see our search for new leathers, our photo shoot and an explanation of the possibilities that FITS Footwear can offer you!


One of our developments for the coming season is that you have the option to order a completely vegan slipper or sandal.
What is vegan? Vegan is a lifestyle where people avoid all products / services that are harmful to animals, animal exploitation – or abuse. As far as we are concerned, a great development that we hope to continue in the coming years.

Have you become curious yet? Everything is online from January 10, make an appointment with your foot specialist!

Get the FITS experience!


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