That was it again, the first month has come to an end! Since the start of the new season we have received many positive reactions from both foot specialists and customers about our new models, colors and our new vegan model.

The first vegan models have now also been successfully delivered!
We hear you think, what does a FITS vegan model entail?
These uppers are made from a PU leather that is not subject to animal influences. The same applies to the inner lining, which is made of a high-quality microfiber. Did you know that this microfiber has some special features? It is very elastic and it is a breathable fabric that quickly wicks away moisture, keeping you dry. It is strong and durable, yet very light, and it dries very quickly.

The many new fresh colors are experienced as a good addition to this season’s collection! Think of new colors for example the green floral leather, coral fantasy leather, blue fantasy leather, blue moyo leather and green moyo leather.

  • The new FITS collection!

    The past few months have been all about searching for the best materials, looking at the latest trends, developing and collaborating with foot specialists to look for the best possible new collection for 2020. We are happy that we will be creating a strong and diverse collection for the coming season! On the picture below…

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  • Want to order an extra pair of FITS remotely? Read here how!

    With your first pair of FITS, your foot specialist has made a 3D scan of your feet. Your foot specialist will then ensure that your 3D fitted footbed is processed one-on-one in the slipper, sandal or house shoe. If you don’t have a change of therapy in between, you can now remotely order a second…

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  • The footspecialist! How can they help you?

    The word footspecialist, what exactly does this word mean? The word says it all, someone who understands/is a specialist in the field of feet. Think of, for example, a podiatrist/podotherapist. A podiatrist/podotherapist ensures that you will be treated when you suffer from foot problems. Foot problems can arise from, for example, the malfunctioning of knees,…

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