Make yourself comfortable and opt for a pair of FITS slippers or sandals!

We have received a nice message from a satisfied lady and thought it was very nice to share it with you. Enjoy reading!

Since the corona crisis, Julia, like many other people, has been forced to work from home. One day she sits at the kitchen table with the laptop, the next day at her old desk with a desk chair that is not adjustable. That is fine for a while, she is happy that the work can continue. However, after a month of working from home full-time, the aches and pains really start to come. As the day goes on, she gets a nagging feeling in his feet. She always wears the orthotics of the foot specialist neatly in her normal shoes, but as soon as she gets home the shoes are removed. Because of working from home she hardly wears her arch supports anymore. Because of the latter, she contacted her foot specialist and presented the situation. Her foot specialist talked about FITS slippers and sandals in which his arch support can be incorporated one-on-one.

Why are FITS slippers or sandals an added value?

At times as described above, you can use a comfortable pair of flip flops or sandals, especially if the footbed is based on your own therapy. Your 3D fitted footbed from the foot specialist is processed one-on-one in the pair of FITS you have chosen. With a few FITS you can continue your therapy both indoors and outdoors. In this way you can continue to wear your arch supports in the house while walking on a pair of comfortable slippers or sandals. Julia was very curious if she could reduce her complaints with this …

After a few months she can really recommend the slippers, they are a great addition to her. Where she previously had a nagging feeling in her feet during the day, this has decreased enormously since the purchase of a few FITS. She is now almost completely pain free all day long!

Curious about the possibilities for you? Then quickly contact a foot specialist in your area! Looking for a foot specialist near you? Click here to find the closest foot specialist. Curious about the FITS collection? View the FITS collection here!

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