Get the FITS experience.

Your arch support processed into a slipper, sandal or house shoe!

FITS are made-to-measure slippers, sandals and house shoes, so that you can walk comfortably everywhere. We work with more than 1,100 foot specialists to measure the perfect FITS for you.

Did you know that 60% of your time, you will fin yourself in circumstances that require different footwear than your regular shoes? Think of situations like walking barefoot at home, your summer vacation or religious circumstances. In situations like these, you can definitely use a comfortable pair of slippers or house shoes, especially if the footbed is based on your own therapy.

FITS Footwear. Custom made slippers, sandals and house shoes.

With therapeutic support.

  • FITS only works with certified foot specialists. Your foot specialist will ensure that your 3D measured footbed one-on-one processed into a slipper, sandal or house shoe.
    By means of innovative Dutch scanning techniques, the footbed is custom made especially for you!
  • FITS works with high-quality materials and (ecological) leathers. All materials are carefully chosen and subjected to strict quality controls.
  • After the fitting process, your slippers will be made by hand by our specialists in Portugal. Did you know that the production process consists of more than 180 specialist acts?


  • Did you know that you can customize your model? You can adjust the uppers, interlinings, footbed and the outsole of the shoe. Your foot specialist will gladly help you with this!

FITS Footwear - comfort line.

House shoes with 3D measured footbed.

  • womenswear.
  • the in-house solution.
  • 3D measured footbed with therapeutic support
  • light house shoes with certified Italian wool (90% wool/10% polyester).
  • fast deliveries.

Dutch innovation combined with Portuguese craftsmanship!

I want my own FITS!

With therapeutic support

A satisfied FITS customer has the floor

Experience with FITS from a customer with foot complaints

Due to severe forefoot complaints, I have been wearing arch supports in my shoes for quite some time now. However, at home I don’t like to wear the shoes that I use to walk outside. I tried to walk in sandals for a while, but then an arch support slips away. Fits Footwear has offered me the solution: a sandal that is preformed with the profile of my arch support. I no longer slip and it offers me much more support than walking barefoot or in studded stockings. Exactly what I was looking for. In addition, the company delivers neat work, so I can recommend it to everyone!

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