• Can I design my own FITS?

    You can completely design your own FITS according to your taste! Think of the wide variety of different colours, materials, uppers, covers between layers and outsoles.

  • Where can I have FITS slippers and sandals measured?

    Click here to find the nearest fitting location in your area! Our website works best when you use google chrome as a browser.

  • Are the slippers, sandals and house shoes available to both women and men?

    For the slippers & sandals we offer an extensive collection for both women and men. The house shoes are currently only part of the women’s collection. We are currently working on the men’s collection.

  • What materials are used for the slippers & sandals?

    Our slippers & sandals are made from ecological leathers from Portugal. In addition, the footbeds CAD CAM are milled from EVA and the outsoles are made of Creplina (rubber).

  • What materials are used for the house shoes?

    The house shoes are lightweight and they are made of Italian felt (90% wool/10% polyester). The outsoles are made of PU.

  • In what sizes are your products available?

    The slippers & sandals are available in sizes 34 to 48. The house shoes are available in sizes 36 to 44.

  • When will the new collection become available?

    We strive to release a new collection with new materials, models and colors every year. The new collection always launches in January.