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Custom made slippers, sandals and house shoes.

For the fitting of FITS we work together with more than 1,100 foot specialists. They ensure that the FITS are measured and then your FITS are produced by us. The foot specialists we work with are always aware of the latest developments and have the right equipment to measure the perfect slipper, sandal or house shoe for you. First of all, of course, choose the model you want. To accurately map your feet, the foot specialist will make a digital 3D scan of your feet. With the help of this scan, the footbed is determined, so that it is exactly attuned to your feet. Then we discuss with you which features you want to add to your FITS, such as the upper, the inner lining and the color of the outsole.

With over 1100 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is always a measuring point in your area.

Make an appointment with your certified foot specialist who can tell you everything about the possibilities, options, collection, prices and possible fees.

Design your own FITS together with your foot specialist.

On our website you can find a large part of our collection, but did you know that you can further customize your own FITS?
You can customize it by adjusting the uppers, interlinings, footbed or the outsole of the shoe to your liking.


Enter summer with a smile.

Let us tell you why our slippers, sandals and house shoes are suitable for you.

Measuring points in your area