Blue mixed House shoes

  • Vilt

  • Adjustable by velcro fastener

  • Vilt

  • Vilt, suède or eva

  • PU

Ask your foot specialist about all the options and discover together what options there are to further personalize your model!

  • We’re only working with certified foot specialists.
  • Customize your own slipper!
  • Your 3D measured footbed is processed one-by-one in the slipper.
  • We are working with ecological leathers.
  • The slippers and sandals will be made by hand to a unique product.
  • Get the FITS experience.

Your own Fits house shoes?

FITS has the solution to continue your sole therapy anywhere and anytime. The newest product is comfort house shoes with your own therapeutic footbed, perfect for in-house! FITS currently offers a ladies line of house shoes in two models in various colours.

Fits only works with certified foot specialists who are in possession of the correct measuring equipment to make the house shoes perfectly fit. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are a few hundred measuring locations where you can go for a pair of custom-made house shoes. Your foot specialist can tell you everything about the possibilities, options, collection, prices and possible fees.

Make an appointment with your foot specialist at the nearest measuring point.


FITS offers a women’s collection of house shoes in various models and colours in the size range from 36 to 44. The house shoes are lightweight and made from recognized Italian vilt (90% wool / 10% polyester). Before the start of every season we launch a new collection with the latest trends. The unique combination of high-tech Dutch measuring techniques is combined with Portuguese craftsmanship!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of a pair of custom-made house shoes?

The price depends on the therapy and treatment. Your foot specialist can fully inform you about the options, collection, prices and possible reimbursements as well.
The best guide price would be an amount between €240,- en €270,-

How long will it take for the house shoes to be delivered?

It will take three weeks for the house shoes to be delivered. Of course, we always try to deliver your order as quickly as possible!

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